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In this Phase 2b study.

In this Phase 2b study, only subjects recording average pain scores 4 to 8 on a 0-10 numerical rating scale will be randomized into the study. Participants in the study will receive 28 daily doses of either 2 mg / day or 4 mg / day or CG100649 200 mg / day of celecoxib. Anti – arthritic efficacy is using the standardized Western Ontario and McMaster Universities OA Index and the WOMAC subscales of this measure be pain, stiffness and physical function. Source: CrystalGenomics.

A video tutorial is available via email get started. All three methods produce a tailored training package that can easily be converted to PDF format, or printed out. To patients via e-mail ‘We are proud to launch the NSider Patient Education Tool , which supports the important relationship and dialogue between patients and staff,’said Steven C. Sembler, Senior Vice President of Commercial U.S. Pharmaceuticals at Eisai Inc. Said ‘NSider Eisai is the latest initiative of our commitment to promoting human health care mission of increasing benefits for patients and underline their families. Continue reading