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Canned soup ups levels of controversial chemical Health HealthPop: Turkey troubles.

BPA is used in the linings of metallic meals and beverage cans in addition to in certain plastic bottles and dental sealants. Seventy-five volunteers were recruited for the study. Every day for five days, one group consumed 12 ounces of canned vegetarian soup and another consumed 12 ounces of clean vegetarian soup. After a two-day washout period, the organizations switched soups and spent another five days slurping away.This is particularly the case for those who have asthma. ‘ The scholarly study, published in the Might 2007 problem of Environmental Wellness Perspectives, was a collaboration by researchers from the educational college of Public Health, the institution of Medicine’s Middle for Environmental Medicine, Asthma and Lung Biology and the U.S. Environmental Protection Company . The team found that when adult asthma sufferers were exposed to a one microgram per cubic meter increase in coarse particulate matter in ambient air flow their triglyceride levels increased by nearly five %.