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Chemokine Therapeutics granted new U.

Chemokine Therapeutics granted new U amoxil-over-the-counter.html .S patent Chemokine Therapeutics has announced that it’s been granted U.S. Patent No. 6,875,738 relating to the use of its anti-cancer substance, CTCE-9908, in the treatment of inhibition and cancer of angiogenesis. CTCE-9908 is made to block CXCR4, a receptor on the surface of cancer cells. CTCE-9908 inhibits the pass on and growth of particular common cancers, with the potential for use with existing therapies to boost treatment outcomes. The patent entitled ‘Therapeutic Chemokine Receptor Antagonists’, august 2019 with a term lasting to, covers a few of the methods by which CTCE-9908 treats cancer.

The reduction in revenue was mainly due to lower funding of nonclinical support from GSK for CCX168 and the ChemR23 research program in 2011. Research and development expenditures for the fourth one fourth 2011 were $5.4 million in comparison to $8.1 million for the same period this year 2010. Research and development expenses for the entire year ended December 31, 2011 were $28.4 million compared to $33.5 million this year 2010. The reduce was primarily due to the completion of the Stage II scientific trial for CCX354 in 2011. General and administrative expenses for the fourth quarter of 2011 were $1.9 million and the same for the comparable period in 2010 2010.