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The VICTUS system is a first-of-its-kind technology.

The VICTUS system is a first-of-its-kind technology, with the capacity of supporting cataract, refractive and therapeutic procedures within a platform. The versatile system is made to enable greater accuracy in comparison to manual cataract medical procedures techniques, enhancing the individual experience potentially cialis side effects . ‘I really believe the femtosecond laser beam is the single most crucial advancement in cataract medical procedures within the last 40 years,’ stated Stephen G. Slade, MD, FACS with Slade & Baker Vision Middle. ‘The launch of the most recent femtosecond laser beam, the VICTUS system, by these two market leaders further validates the field of laser beam cataract surgery.’ Related StoriesILUVIEN continues showing excellent results in EuropeAlimera Sciences announces outcomes from ongoing research on ILUVIENSaint Louis University ophthalmologist gives ideas to manage night eyesight issuesBausch + Lomb and TPV are dealing with regulatory authorities all over the world to protected advertising approvals for the brand new platform and, as announced previously, will promote the machine globally, leveraging their mixed cataract and refractive experience and commercial features.