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ArroHealth contained in Inc.

ArroHealth's significant revenue growth in the last 4 years qualified it for the distinguished list. We are honored to be included in this set of highly successful businesses, said Glen Moller, ArroHealth's CEO. Our growth validates our customer-focused strategy as we develop useful technologies and deliver excellent performance to health programs and provider groups. ArroHealth helps Medicare Advantage, managed and commercial Medicaid health plans nationwide, and also provider groups, help their risk HEDIS and adjustment needs. The business provides best-in-course predictive analytics and reporting, full-program medical record retrieval, data aggregation, medical record coding and customized provider and member engagement offerings. ArroHealth's client-centric strategy provides unmatched functionality and total transparency to its clients.In past due January of the year, I was interviewed by NBC regarding cases of the measles virus that may actually have started at Disneyland. Many voiced their displeasure with my television responses. In response, I crafted a blog post on that went viral, viewed by thousands and shared around social media. This article was a scathing condemnation of parents who blindly follow their doctor’s suggestions, loading up their children with vaccines. Most parents do not question vaccine basic safety or the benign childhood infections vaccines were designed to prevent. I stand by that post today just as much as on the day I crafted it.