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Colorcon acquires NP Pharm Colorcon.

William Motzer, Colorcon CEO states, We are excited about this possibility to expand Colorcon’s product offerings and leverage our global distribution, technical services and sales infrastructure. appointed Chairman and CEO of the Management Board of Ethypharm Newly, Hugues Lecat claims, We are delighted to discover NP Pharm sign up for Colorcon, Inc. .. Colorcon acquires NP Pharm Colorcon, Inc. Today announced the acquisition of the full-service pharmaceutical excipient business, NP Pharm, a Division of Ethypharm. The headquarters and main production facilities of NP Pharm, located in Bazainville, France, can be a fundamental element of the Colorcon network of making sites.Chanel specializes in fashion, cosmetics and luxury products offered within their boutiques located in major cities around the globe and in major shops.

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