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September events REAL Are?

My theory is definitely that quiet events that take place behind closed doors can have huge implications later on. The Pope, for example, is reportedly meeting with Obama on or around 9/23. Suppose something goes down in that secret conversation that has world-changing implications. And yet nothing happens on 9/23 that’s visible to ordinary people. World War I, for instance, we triggered by a lone assassination that, at first, relatively few people found out about. Yet that day set into motion a series of occasions that plunged a lot of Europe into a time of darkness and despair. So just because nothing explosive or dramatic appears to be occurring on 9/23 doesn’t mean there is not something else behind the scenes that we’ll find out later on was a pivotal event leading to, for instance, World War III.The application form in addition has been granted a fast-track designation, which is supposed to expedite the review procedure for drug applicants with the potential to satisfy an unmet medical want. Baxter obtained OBI-1 in March from Motivation BioPharmaceuticals, Inc. And Ipsen Pharma S.A.S. ''Completing the BLA submission pertaining to OBI-1 in nine weeks pursuing Baxter's acquisition of the molecule reflects our continuing dedication to advancing the caution of hemophilia individuals and extending our knowledge and leadership in this category,'' stated Ludwig Hantson, Ph.D., president of Baxter's BioScience organization.