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It is much safer for long-term wellness. Because it do not emit any smoke cigarettes. Well it really is clearly obvious that traditional smokes are so much harmful for body and have a whole lot of medical issues like lung malignancy and more. Besides this, the ecigarettes are different from traditional cigarette totally. In ecigarette there is no nicotine and additional harmful substances that induce heath issues to the smoker. So one can utilize this new innovative gadget and feel free from any risk for his or her health. E-cigarettes are most helpful to those who are looking to quit smoking also it proves a wholesome choice for new era ‘starters’. It generally does not produce any smoke cigarettes and smell and will come in large amount of fruit flavors. Also it is much safer in comparison with regular cigarette.This research contributes significantly to this new paradigm.’ Ron Andrews, Clarient Vice Chairman and CEO said, ‘Having proprietary testing to help clinicians select the best suited therapy can be central to our menu expansion technique. Ovotax is the first of a series of taxane-related assays that were created at Applied Genomics, Inc. and that Clarient is definitely shifting to commercialize this season. The goal of personalized medicine is to see that cancer tumor patients get the very best opportunity for survival while preserving an excellent quality of life. It is interesting for Clarient to be among the ongoing businesses on the forefront of this initiative, and our taxane products promises to be an important tool for pathologists and oncologists to control the use of this highly effective, but highly toxic medication class.’ The TLE3 biomarker anchors the proprietary taxane predictive marker products obtained by Clarient through its latest acquisition of AGI.