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In the list of certain medications.

Such medicine alters the way men’s nervous program react for the stimulation around the penis. Sometimes the result of such medicines temporarily stays. Medicines which participate in the course of beta – blockers such as Cogard, Tenormin, Sectral and Lopressor are utilized for the treating high blood pressure could also lead to erectile dysfunction. High blood pressure itself causes ED by damaging arteries including those in a man’s penis. Specialists say, beta blockers also messes with the central nervous system which helps him to obtain erect. To obtain an erection a little blue pill can help a man. Psychological condition depressive disorder which is already a major cause of ED however it’s medicine treatment also trigger ED in males.The results were mixed. Rats genetically selected to be prone to heart lesions developed even more lesions on the hybridized rapeseed essential oil and in addition on flax oil than they did on olive oil or sunflower essential oil. This led researchers to take a position that omega-3 acids, not really eurcic acid may be the culprit. But rats genetically selected to become resistant to center lesions showed no significant difference between the natural oils tested, and the hybridized rapeseed essential oil was not shown to cause heart disease in mice, in contrast to the old, high erucic oil which induced severe cardiac necrosis.