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Has prompted a recall of the product from stores in New South Wales.

Listeria monocytogenes are a worry just because a condition can be caused by them referred to as listeriosis and while it is uncommon, and causes few or no symptoms in healthful people, in vulnerable people it can be very dangerous in that it can lead to meningitis, septicaemia and miscarriage. Those most vulnerable are women that are pregnant, the elderly and those whose immune systems are challenged in some way already. A listeria illness is usually due to eating contaminated meals – listeria bacteria are commonly within soil, stream water, sewage, plants, nature and in some foods.These first techniques in the PARACHUTE III trial represent the start of the largest clinical data evaluation for this new therapy to date. I am optimistic that the patients treated with the Parachute implant shall experience excellent results similar to those in prior trials of the device most recently reported through the 2012 EuroPCR meeting. CardioKinetix plans to keep expanding its post-marketing trial effort in Europe with the addition of hospitals in the united kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands in coming weeks.